Opening Reception

Thursday, November 6, 2014 6pm – 9pm

Exhibit Open

October 30, 2014 – November 30, 2014

Catherine Wagner curates a show entitled Constituent. These five artists, while independently exploring structures of our experience through varied mediums, create five installations that are comprised of multiple components that create a whole.

Sandra Ono re-contextualizes mass-produced consumer goods that come in close contact with the body. These visceral sculptural forms, invert our traditional relationship with consumption into one that reinstates the framework of how our experiences are shaped by them.

Similarly, William Koone’s photographic installation shifts our focus to the physical support systems that facilitate photographic creation. Koone explores how we construct our contemporary visual language by bringing attention to photographic tropes, such as commercial backdrops, suggesting that all parts may be equal.

Using the screen, “our constant companion,” Simon Pyle considers how technology changes the way we make and look at images by examining the gaps between pixels and recorded representation as experience.

Kate Rhoades exposes aspects of the artistic field that may not be immediately evident to the casual art viewer. Her work consists of painting ephemera from the utilitarian side of the art institution. As well, Rhoades makes photograms by reciting poetry of dead poets while using a flashlight within her mouth as a method of exposure. Her work transposes acts of expression, and likewise experience, by giving form to hidden narratives.

David Mohr’s charcoal and paint works on canvas bring attention to the accumulated tactile qualities of surface while suggesting nuances in space and form. Welcoming elements of trial and error into the creation of these works, he emphasizes the human qualities of desperation and transformation in lieu of recognizable structures as absolute.

Exhibiting Artists:


Catherine Wagner


William Koone

David Mohr

Sandra Ono

Simon Pyle

Kate Rhoades

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