Opening Reception

September 18, 2014  6pm – 9pm

Exhibit Open

September 18, 2014 – October 16, 2014

“Ascension” explores the culmination of Life leading to the inevitable next chapter, Death.  Inspired by the history of 766 Valencia as a space that once honored the lives of those gone before us and it’s signature ramps that create Incline Gallery, the show visually and spiritually reminds us to build a life filled with positive growth and progression towards creating a legacy.  The artists aspire to create their best and in so doing, inspire us to do the same.  Without forward movement in our lives, we allow atrophy to grow upon us and we wither away.  The works selected for this exhibition demonstrate movements the artists have made, pushing beyond distractions of the everyday, taking advantage of their desires through talents, and focusing upon ideas in an honest format to create their own mark.

Exhibiting Artists:

Andres Guerrero

Ryan De La Hoz

Victor Reyes

Lucien Shapiro

Richard Colman

Bill McRight

Tim Diet

Minka Sicklinger

Lumi Sickpiro





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