The Project Room

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Youth Creating Change Student Work

Youth Creating Change Workshop

Sunday, August 16—10:00am-12:00pm
All Ages

What makes your community unique? Inspired by Youth Creating Change, we’ll be taking a closer look at our communities. Each family will design a poster that represents similarities and differences between the communities they live in—at school, at home, and everything in between


Image from Leslie Dreyer, Reclaim Disrupt

Sculpting Stories Workshop

Saturday, June 6—10:00am-12:00pm
All Ages

What does home look like to you? Inspired by The Dissidents, the Displaced, and the Outliers, a transbay visual art exhibition currently on display at Incline Gallery, we’ll be creating our own versions of home. Sketch, sculpt, and build a miniature that tells your story.

Mission Map

Image by the Anti-Eviction Mapping Project

Community Mapping Workshop

Sunday, May 17—10:00am-12:00pm
All Ages

Take a closer look at the landscape around you. What lines and shapes are the nearby buildings made up of, and who are the people inside those buildings? Inspired by The Dissidents, the Displaced, and the Outliers, a transbay visual art exhibition currently on display at Incline Gallery, we’ll be constructing our own community maps. We’ll begin with literal lines of the surrounding area, and add our own embellishments, resulting in a map of our ideal community.


Collage by Matt Springman

Remix Workshop

Facilitated by members of the San Francisco Collage Collective (Danielle Rathbun, Kathryn Kain, Matt Gonzalez, & Matt Springman)

Sunday, March 1—10:00am-12:00pm

Explore the potential of everyday ephemera—Muni tickets, receipts, candy wrappers—as the starting point for a new art project. Inspired by Matt Gonzalez and the San Francisco Collaging Collective, we’ll be remixing old objects into our own unique works of art. Bring your own scraps, or sort through some of ours. Open for all ages, donations greatly appreciated.

Chorus, by Michael A. Mersereau
A roaming fm radio broadcast of donated audio weeping

Opening Reception Saturday December 13, 1-4pm
installation on view: Dec. 13 & 14
(light refreshments served)

Bio: Michael A. Mersereau is a multidisciplinary media artist and experimental musician from the San Francisco Bay Area in Northern California. Mersereau splits his time between Oakland, California and Montréal, Québec. Recent performances and exhibitions include ‘Haunting’ a sound composition for Molissa Fenley’s Choreographed Found Object, The Toronto Underground Film Festival, a group exhibition in the Toronto Transit System, Monobandes II group show at Les Territoires Gallery in Montréal, QC and Aire, the 6th WTA Textile Biennial held at the Diego Rivera Anahuacalli Museum in Mexico City.

Cold Medium: A Funeral for Nancy Holt

Minoosh Zomorodinia

Sunday November 23 1pm Performance and Reception
November 19 – 22

This extended photo and video project explores Nancy Holt’s work Sun Tunnels in the Utah desert within an apocalyptic framework. Sun Tunnels, which was created in 1976, sits in the middle of the Great Basin Desert in Utah. Many cities near the work have now become ghost towns; most are slowly losing resources and infrastructure due to the California drought. This project uses water as a medium to explore the draining of one resource– water– against the enduring quality of Sun Tunnels. The photo and video raise questions about the management of land art: who is ultimately responsible for the work and the people who live near it? How has water become a site of social and economic inequality? And how can we find new ways to talk about land art in a moment when “land” is in a constant state of emergency?

To accompany the exhibition, artist Minoosh Zomorodinia will stage a performance inside The Project Room of Incline Gallery at 1pm on Sunday, November 23. Zomorodinia froze a sample of the Bay water near her apartment and will be installing it as a funerary site in the space. Resting on a wooden platform and covered with sand, the frozen slab will stand in as a grave, marking the displacement of water in California as a result of climate change. The ice will melt over the gallery floor, creating a small state of emergency for viewers to reckon with. The ice melting, which takes approximately three hours, creates different forms as though they are small creeks and tributaries.
-Minoosh Zomorodinia & consulting curator Katie Anania

“An underlying theme in all my works is to investigate the relationship and the connection of self and its environment. I use video and photography as a medium to document my creative process of the time I spent in the space, and reflect emotional, ecological, psychological and subconscious experiences, which often are inspired by nature. In this piece, I freeze water as it is a body and place it in the site to create a new connection with its environment.”   –Minoosh Zomorodinia

Bio: Minoosh (Raheleh) Zomorodinia is an internationally-exhibited Iranian photographer, visual and video artist. Her exploration of different areas of art, such as video, performance and installations, has had a direct effect on her primary medium: photography. She believes in and trusts the intuitive creative process to reveal and give form to unconscious and deeper mysterious truths. She serves on the environmental artists group Open Five in Iran, and a Board Member of Women Environmental Artists Directory. Exhibited locally and internationally, she received MFA Fellowship from San Francisco Art Institute and has a B.A. in photography and an M.A. in graphic design from the Art and Architecture University in Tehran, Iran. Currently, she is a MFA candidate in New Genres in San Francisco Art Institute.

 Objects To Remember You By:
An Index of Sentiment

Kija Lucas

November 13-16, community activated open artist studio

Picture 6

Stop by to participate during regular gallery hours November 13 – 16. Kija Lucas’ residence at The Project Room takes the form of a community activated open artist studio where she photographs your objects of sentiment.

Objects to Remember You by: An Index of Sentiment” is the second part of the work inspired by my grandmother’s struggles with Alzheimer’s. We carry objects through our lives, attaching memories and meanings to them that surpass their initial usefulness. Something held by a loved one allows us to feel close to that person, even without their presence. While these objects can offer a sense of safety or closeness, they can also be heavy and difficult. When creating a place to live, we commonly introduce these objects to make our spaces our own and to remind us of what matters from our past. For this project, I ask members of the community to bring in an object of sentimental value to be photographed. Object selection is limited to what the participant can carry with them to my studio or the space where the shooting is taking place. Participants are asked for minimal personal information as well as a short written description of the object.
Kija Lucas

Kija Lucas is an artist and educator living and working in San Francisco, California. Her work explores ideas of home, family relationships, heritage and inheritance. She is interested in how seemingly inconsequential moments create changes that last generations. She received her MFA from Mills College in 2010 and her work has been exhibited at places such as Alterspace, Intersection for the Arts, Luggage Store, Root Division, and Casa Escorsa in Guadalajara, Mexico.

Boneyard Bonanza Workshop!

Saturday October 25 1pm-3pm
Collaboration between Incline Gallery & Paxton Kids

Learn how to marble paper and create your own anatomically incorrect species through paper bone assemblage. All workshop participants will leave with a special gift and their creations in a golden frame.
Open for all ages, suggested donation: $10-$15
Facilitated by Megan Lees

 Lil’ Things

Saturday November 8, 10:30am – 2pm
An Open Studio Print Making Studio
Facilitated by Becky Johnson Gottschalk

Explore negative space through a print making workshop in response to the show “Constituent” in the main gallery. Following the workshop, at 3pm participants can view editions of their works displayed in The Project Room with the option of selling them through the gallery! **we are able to sustain by donations and appreciate any contribution

I aim to create an open studio workshop where community members are invited to respond to the artwork currently on display in the gallery, Constituent. The art created by participators in the workshop can be used as a tool for exploring deeper understanding of the exhibition.  I want to expose and give voice to a grass roots intelligence that is present in the community where the work is shown. This process gives a broader and more unified context and meaning to the artists’ work and recognizes a non-duality, where each piece is fundamentally part of a greater whole.  Using this open studio model of communication speaks in unison of the interrelationship between all the works and goes beyond a discussion of how the art was created, or the method used to respond.
-Becky Johnson Gottschalk

Becky Johnson Gottshcalk is a Registered Creative Arts Therapist (ATR) and artist who uses the power of the creative process to help people reach a more integrated sense of self and well being.  She has specific training in therapeutic art-based directives, extensive knowledge of the purposeful use of materials and what it takes to encourage deliberate dialogue.  Becky loves the spontaneity and fun that comes with working with children and has unique experience in facilitating art groups in a variety of settings. 


Drunkardsan inclusive space where the sensory exploration of wine becomes a catalyst for creative expression

Thursday November 20, 6:30pm – 9pm
RSVP here


Idoia de Eguia Luna is an actress from Barcelona who decided to move to the Bay Area in 2008 to learn english and live abroad for a while. Putting her acting career aside she delved into the food and beverage industry to learn more about wine. Constantly exploring various ways in which one can adapt creative expression, she has paired up with wine director of Duende, Gerard Maristany and artist Sholeh Asgary of Incline Gallery to bring her vision of Drunkards to fruition.

Gerard Maristany is a Journalist who moved to Berkeley in 2011, leaving behind writing and starting a new career in the wine business. He has managed the biggest selection of Spanish wines in the West Coast, The Spanish Table, and created the wine and sherry program at the restaurant Duende in Oakland. Nowadays he works as a free-lance Broker for different importers and distributors of fine wines in California. He is a Certified Specialist of Wine and holds an Advanced certification from the prestigious Wine and Spirits Education Trust based in London, UK.

Sholeh Asgary is an artist and curator who has been working in the Bay Area for ten years. Born in Tehran, Iran and raised in the West Coast, she splits her time between curating the Project Room at Incline Gallery, lecturing in art, and spending time in her Oakland studio. Sholeh received her MFA in studio art from Mills College and her work has been shown at The David Brower Center in Berkeley, CA, and curated into shows by Jennifer Blessing, and Lucinda Barnes.

Prints from the Earth
Vegetable Prints + Dyes Workshop
with Shannon Casey Splain

Children will learn how the food they consume directly affects their well being by physically handling vegetables and making cross section prints with vegetable dyes and non toxic materials.

What do the rings of a carrot mean, what nutrients do stems of chard have, and what gives different vegetables their color? We promise no onions will be harmed in this workshop!

Tea With Friends

Dear Friends, Tea With Friends is brewing. We’ll keep you posted!

“Tea with Friends” creates an inclusive weekly space for conversation.  Pop into Incline Gallery’s project room select Wednesday evenings from 6-9pm for tea, conversation, and treats. “Tea with Friends” is free and open to the public with a suggested donation, or make a doodle and donate it to the drawing drawer!