Tales of the Súper Cartista: An In-Progress Peek

A collection of histories, memories, legends, and wishes, “Súper Cartista” is an exploration of Magtoto’s process and how it changes when taken outside of the studio confines and into the community that has heavily influenced her work since childhood. The work featured in this exhibition is part of an ongoing project funded by the San Francisco Arts Commission. Artists have always been some of the first to adapt to social, economical, and political changes in creative ways. Demonstrating the ways in which artists literally and figuratively carry the narratives of their communities, this project also pays homage to the ingenuity and determination of the local immigrant, disenfranchised, and underserved populations of the San Francisco Bay Area. Where there are no opportunities, these groups create them.

Opening Reception: Friday June 22, 2018, 6-9pm

Exhibition Dates: June 22-June 30, 2018

Exhibiting Artist: Monica Magtoto

Artist Statement: Monica Magtoto expresses issues surrounding her community and heritage through dream-like, and bold, graphic imagery of women. She explores themes of life-long healing from grief through hand drawn and painted typography. Magtoto’s influences include vintage sign painting, Victorian and Japanese art, San Francisco Mural arts, Native American, and Mexican folk art. She draws inspiration from her experiences as a woman of color in a diverse urban landscape.

Artist Biography:Monica Magtoto was born and raised in San Francisco, California. Growing up, she developed a strong fascination with nature and the arts, particularly Victorian, Art Nouveau, Native American, Mexican folk arts, Vintage sign and Tattoo art, and the San Francisco mural arts scene. After attending Otis College of Art and Design in Los Angeles, she returned to her native home and began teaching art to high school and middle school students in the inner-city. Having spent several years teaching, she now devotes herself to her own art practice, returning to her passion and sharing her work.