Opening Reception

August 21, 2015 6pm – 9pm

Exhibit Open

August 21, 2015 – September 20, 2015

Incline Gallery is pleased to present, Recursions, a solo exhibition of photographs, video and text pieces by Tressa Pack.  This body of work explores the connections between ourselves and the forms our technology takes. Pack’s subject matter varies from robots used to perform tests at the Artificial Intelligence lab at MIT, to old salvaged circuit boards, to the code that reflects the robots feedback as they are asked to perform a simple task.

Recursion in computer science, refers to the ability for an object—a vessel for information—to create an instance of itself, revealing itself through pattern.  With this series, Pack asks us to contemplate how pieces of ourselves are formed and revealed (directly and indirectly) in varying iterations through the technology we create.

Pack photographs both robots and hardware directly, isolating and highlighting the subjects with an approach that is both clinical and romantic. The objects are purely functional, yet deeply metaphorical—and strikingly corporeal.

The robots Pack represents, which are presented at roughly the size of the original objects, have been programmed to independently perform mundane, physical, human activities (such as playing ping pong, navigating a room, and picking up a can) which require complex coding to mimic human discernment.

Meanwhile, a two channel video piece juxtaposes a robot picking up a Campbell’s Soup can with footage that moves slowly through a forested area, drawing attention to how we experience our senses. This awareness is heightened by the very physical experience of ascending Incline Gallery’s ramp, while taking in the work.

In these ways, Pack’s Recursions asks us to consider how the forms our technology takes reveal ourselves—and perhaps more importantly—how they recreate our conceptions of ourselves and inform the ways we navigate the world.

Thanks to Jocelyn Meggait, from the Free Oakland Up for donating many on the materials used to compose the works.

This exhibition is guest curated by Suzanne L’Heureux, director of Interface Gallery.

Exhibiting Artist:

Tressa Pack