Light to Dark: A Collective Arts Exhibition


March 7, 2014 – April 4, 2014

The exhibit, Light to Dark, is comprised of 3 different art collectives, working within their subgroups as well as together to present the beauty and intricacies of collaboration.

Collectively, The Mesh, The Maritime Art Collective, and the Dark Arts Collective, represent working relationships, respect, and the ability to create an environment for individual and group growth.

Although formed at different times and in different stages of development, these collectives are exemplary in demonstrating the struggle, strength, and persistence required to maneuver a complicated world of arts with great momentum. Their foundations are built on hard work and talent, a buoyant combination.

The title of the show, Light to Dark, is a play on the idea of these collectives representing a spectrum of different skills and coming together at various time gradients in space. These are just a few points, as the last decade has seen a rush of art collectives form and dissolve in San Francisco.

Collectives hold a dear place for Incline Gallery, as the Directors and Founders first worked together in the now dissolved San Pancho Art Collective (SPAC) of 2009. Incline Gallery is proud to host a show that pays respect to its roots, while strengthening the current community of art collectives, and solidifying their place in local art history.

Curator: Christo Oropeza


Dark Arts Collective
Juan Gabe
Scott Picaman
Ian Anderson
John McCarthy
Tanner McCardle

The Maritime Art Collective 
Kendall Berardino
Edo Escobedo
Philip Gann
Jessy Gaumann
Mariah Leslie
Chris Love
Ben-Joaquin Torres

The Mesh Collective
Adrian Delgado
Mario Guitron
Ozi Magana
Maria Pasang
Paul Tanner
Joseph Skowrinek


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