BAHAY (BAH-hai), explores the cultural tensions within artist Adrian Clutario’s childhood home in the San Fernando Valley. Raised in a tract home of an HOA gated neighborhood, Clutario illustrates the experience of being a son to immigrant parents while also navigating his queer identity amidst the facades and mythologies of The Valley. 

Clutario is inspired by the materiality of the repetitive structures of his childhood neighborhood, queering this environment through texture and form. His process draws from the marketability, the awkward architecture, and the manicured landscaping found throughout these suburban surroundings.

Clutario’s parents, Heidi and Pascual Clutario, immigrated from the Philippines in the 80’s searching for a better life. They raised three of their sons (Kevin, Adrian, and Matthew) and made a home that became a starting point for many of their immigrant relatives, including their Lola, two Titas (and one of their husbands), and two children. 

BAHAY honors the complex dynamics that have resided in this suburban home: collisions of generational trauma, assimilation, religious devotion, and heteronormativity. Adrian Clutario dedicates this show to his parents, who through sacrifice and perseverance, built a home on the greatest of foundations.

The foundation of love.

ADRIAN CLUTARIO is a queer Filipinx-American artist based in Oakland, CA. Filtered through multiple lenses, their body of work is expressed through multidisciplinary practices of product design, furniture, sculpture, fashion, and performance. Adrian explores queering ways to deconstruct and recode the peculiar constructs of heteronormative and homonormative semiotics. Adrian Clutario received his BFA in 2012 from Otis College of Art and Design.

instagram: @adrianx___


Press Contact:
Shirin Makaremi, Director
Incline Gallery

BAHAY is part of Incline Gallery’s project Mission Collaboration. Support for BAHAY and Mission Collaboration is provided by Southern Exposure’s Alternative Exposure Grant Program.

Mission Collaboration is a collaborative effort between Incline Gallery and three other community organizations located in the Mission neighborhood of San Francisco. Incline Gallery will be partnering three different artists, scheduled to have their solo exhibition at Incline, with three different neighboring community organizations to put together a public programming event that will coincide with each solo exhibition. This partnership will push each artist to work and share their ideas beyond the gallery walls. Embedded in our values and ethics at Incline, is a strong sense of fostering and cultivating interdisciplinary connections and support for like-minded community organizations.

Stay tuned for more information about our programing event for BAHAY!