Art Auction To Benefit Incline Gallery

Friends and Supporters of Incline,

Incline Gallery is proud to present: Art Auction to Benefit Incline Gallery! We are exhibiting our local and talented artists who have gracefully submitted some amazing work to be auctioned off for one night only, at Incline Gallery! Please join us on Saturday, July 13th, 2019 for a silent auction for 25+ artists, all proceeds go to keeping Incline Gallery’s operational costs afloat!

Arts, Culture, + safe spaces in San Francisco have been disappearing, and thinning out.

For 8.5 years, Incline Gallery has served as an artist-run alternative art space that fosters relationships between community and artists. We have estimated that we have served and or exhibited over 500 artists during our tenure at 766 Valencia street, and our backbone has always come from the very community we serve: The Artists.

Since 2013 we successfully collaborated and created three iterations of “Art Auction to Benefit the Artists”. Each auction sold a substantial amount of artwork, and 100% of those proceeds went directly to the artists. We are proud to continue to serve artists and to provide a source of local culture to all those who come in through Incline’s doors..

This night will be a time for us to get together, support Incline Gallery, present some of the most excellent and talented art and artists, and a special surprise performance by some local musicians.

Come and support your local beloved gallery, Incline!

With Love,

Christo Oropeza