October Events and Special Guests

Incline Gallery had the pleasure of hosting the 4th Art Auction to Benefit the Artist in our gallery. It was wonderful to see our community show up and support the 100+ artist that had there work available for sale. Thank you to Matt Gonzalez, Christo Oropeza and Andreas Guerrero for making this     event happen. 

We were excited to have have Kija Lucas back in our gallery for her project Objects to Remember You By: An Index of Sentiment. Follow Lucas through the links below to see her next event!

Kija Lucas will be documenting YOUR sentimental objects for her ongoing body of work, Objects to Remember You By: An Index of Sentiment // The Museum of Sentimental Taxonomy.

Incline Gallery
766 Valencia Street
October 12&13 1 – 5PM

Objects to Remember You By: An Index of Sentiment examines the objects we carry through our lives and the memories and meanings we attach to them, qualities that surpass their initial usefulness. Something held by a loved one allows us to feel close to that person, even without their presence. While these objects can offer a sense of safety or closeness, they can also be heavy and difficult. When creating a place to live, we commonly introduce these objects to make our spaces our own and to remind us of what matters from our past. Please bring your objects of Sentimental value to Incline gallery on October 12 & 13 between 1-5 added to this growling archive.


This project is partially funded by the San Francisco Arts Commission Individual Artist Commission.