Distorted Symmetries by Alison Pebworth

unnamed.jpgSatellite Of. Love

Opening Reception:

Saturday, May 19th   5pm-8pm

Exhibition Dates:

May 19th – June 15th, 2018

SATELLITE OF. LOVE is thrilled to announce the upcoming exhibition, Distorted Symmetries by Alison Pebworth, opening Saturday, May 19th, 2018 at Incline Gallery. The solo show by the San Francisco based artist features a new body of work using interchangeable sculptural assemblages for a site-specific installation throughout the ramps of the twisting gallery space.

Alison Pebworth responds to the unique architecture of the century-old former mortuary with her own reflections on loss, impermanence and mortality by transforming materials she rescues from the San Francisco dump. Looking for cultural clues in the things we throw away, Pebworth relates the abundance of wasted natural woods to the many idealized facsimiles of nature that flow continuously through the waste stream. She builds totems to these disparities, combining new geometric shapes cut from old boards, contrasting fresh cuts and worn surfaces with deconstructed household ephemera to reflect the contradictions of the sacred and profane, evidenced in the simultaneous adoration and disregard of nature in our trash.

Please join SATELLITE OF. LOVE at Incline Gallery for this stimulating solo exhibition Distorted Symmetries by Alison Pebworth, May 19th through June 15th 2018.

Alison Pebworth’s work spans many mediums–painting, installation and social interaction, including the self-toured Beautiful Possibility Project, a two-year traveling exhibition to over twenty-five non-profit spaces and museums across the United States and Canada. Recent projects include the Unofficial Department of Handshakes in collaboration with Hannah Ireland, City Hall Jan – Feb 2018, and an interactive installation, Innards and Upwards, A San Francisco Wunderkammer, built at a 2016 RecologySF Residency, currently on view at The San Francisco Arts Commission Gallery. Pebworth is the recipient of the highly selective Louis Comfort Tiffany Foundation Award 2015. Her work appears in all three of Rebecca Solnit’s Atlas series, Infinite City, Unfathomable City and Nonstop Metropolis for San Francisco, New Orleans and NYC.

SATELLITE OF. LOVE is dedicated to supporting local artists whose work we believe needs to be more widely known, and more easily collected. Our atelier is located in the heart of the Mission District, where we offer a selection of work by over a dozen local artists—representing a range of mediums and styles. We also place art in unusual spaces around the Bay Area and facilitate visits to artists’ studios.