Art Auction Benefit for YES On Prop F


No Eviction without Representation is an initiative from the SF Right to Counsel Committee for the June 2018 ballot that would guarantee any tenant facing eviction a right to counsel. 
Jen Snyder and Incline Gallery, along with Matt Gonzalez, will be hosting a silent auction, featuring work by local artists to help support this measure. 
Auction will take place:
Friday, April 13 2018
Featuring a growing list of over 50 local artists, including:
Adam Feibelman, Aggie Falk, Alicia Escott, Allison Snopek, Amy Rathbone, Andres Guerrero, Annie Galvin, Ben Venom, Beth Waldman, Camila Magrane, Cate White, Dana Smith, Dave Eggers, David Steele, Dennis Parlante, Emilio Villalba, Eric Rewitzer, Ezra Eismont, Felix Macnee, Gregory Goldman, Gustavo Ramos Rivera, Guy Diehl, Ian Johnson, Jack Hirschman, James Eddy, Jean Oppermann, John Held Jr., Jon Levy-Warren, Kat Geng, Kevin Earl Taylor, Kim Frohsin, Lucien Shapiro, Lynda Hirose, Mary Ijichi, Matt Gonzalez, Megan Gorham, Michelle Fernandez, Miguel Arzabe, Nick Makanna, Paz de la Calzada, Rachel Dwan, Rachelle Reichert, Sahar Khoury, Sofie Ramos, Sonny Smith, Spencer Keeton Cunningham, Tamsin Smith, & Terbo Ted!
Join us to help stop unfair evictions by supporting this historic ballot measure from SF Right to Counsel Committee!
Please check out our full initiative text.

Current Endorsing Orgs:

NYC Right To Counsel Coalition

United Educators of SF


SF Tenants Union

San Francisco Berniecrats

San Francisco Democratic Socialists of America

Haight-Ashbury Neighborhood Coalition (HANC)

D5 Action

San Francisco Progressive Alliance

Neighbors United

Housing Rights Committee SF

Coalition on Homelessness

Affordable Divis


Dolores Street Community Services (Mission SRO Collaborative)

Harvey Milk Democratic Club – Signature gathering endorsement