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It’s a familiar experience to be the only woman, person of color, or LGBTQ in the room during an artist talk, group show, or performance. The uncomfortable silence around issues of race or the pressure to represent a monolithic identity stagnate creativity when presented within these parameters. There are no connections or conversations to be had about important issues that affect us. Born out of a necessity to create a safe space for expression and critique among marginalized groups, Strangeways Magazine presents: 823-Thinking of You, a call to solidarity amidst an uncertain political climate. A motion to share struggle and provide hope. To manifest a utopian vision of acceptance and empowerment.

We continue to face a steeper uphill climb. Our friends are being murdered by the people who are supposed to protect us, our rights as individuals are trampled on by those in power, and our resources and safety are in jeopardy. San Francisco has a large density of contemporary galleries yet there is very little focus or representation of the community these galleries exist in. 823-Thinking of You serves to bring out the Bay Area’s young arts community uniting us through a single mission: to be seen and heard.

With an open call for submissions, a full color perfect bound print run of magazines will be published in conjunction with a group show located at Incline Gallery in the center of San Francisco’s multi-cultural Mission District. Incline Gallery is an alternative art space that fosters relationships between community and artists in a uniquely designed exhibit space that encourages dialogue and experimentation.


Luis Pinto


Exhibition Title:

823 Thinking of You

Opening Reception:

Friday May 19th, 2017


Exhibition Dates:

May 19th, 2017 thru June 16th, 2017