Inside Spaces

Incline Gallery is proud to present:

Inside Spaces


Inside Spaces is a contemplative collection of objects investigating time via history and memory. Throughout the exhibition, meditative building practices ally textiles and household goods to mirror physical and cognitive spaces. Evans utilizes process and materiality as signifiers, often deconstructing what already exists and building up what has yet to be. Exploiting media and methods of textile production, Evans creates simple objects that remain layered in their readings.


Shirin Makaremi

Exhibition Title:

Inside Spaces

Opening Reception:

Thursday May 4, 2017


Exhibition Dates:

May 4-May 13 2017

Gallery Hours: 

Thursday/Friday 6-9pm

Sat/Sunday 1-6pm


766 Valencia St.

San Francisco, CA 94110

@ 19th Street

Exhibiting Artist:

Eden V. Evans



Please join us for a Weaving Workshop // Fundraiser on the first saturday of the show, May 6th! All proceeds go back to Evans.