Incline Gallery is excited to announce Push/Pull, a two person show featuring the works of Laurel Shear and Melissa Wyman.

Laurel Shear makes lush oil paintings that oscillate between abstraction and representation, allowing and encouraging the paint to become a part of the narrative.  Shears paintings draw inspiration from pop culture imagery, personal experience and the long rich history of Western Painting to create an unapologetically female voice. The attitude in her work and the images Shear chooses playfully and critically isolate the highly gendered way we are raised and manipulated by the culture at large.

Melissa Wyman is an interdisciplinary artist who investigates interpersonal exchanges and alternative means of negotiation. Her work is often participatory and incorporates performance, video, drawing, painting, fighting and social practice. She occasionally makes objects.

For Push/Pull Wyman shares a series of paintings titled Navigation Dynamics. These works are a continued meditation on collaborative and combative spaces, using barriers and obstacles as a study into personal patterns of negotiation, and means of art making. In this work, Wyman exhibits findings from a series of experiments observing how seemingly conflicting materials might interact. Combining found scrap metals with organic matter from her environment, water, ink and rust are drawn together to connect the spaces in between in order to explore the dynamic interactions occurring among the materials. One work will be created during the opening reception with the help of the participating viewers.

Please join us Saturday, January 28 from 6-9pm for the Opening Reception of Push/Pull.

Exhibition Dates:

January 28 – March 4 2017

*Photo courtesy of Melissa Wyman