never forever

never forever

Gina M. Contreras and Karen Thomas


An Exhibition at Incline Gallery
July 29-September 02, 2016
Opening: July 29th, 6-9 pm



The memories of yesterday and today form the foundation of who we are and what we will be. Some memories, like those times of love or love lost, stay with us while others easily fade into obscurity. These memories, the ones we choose to carry with us, become our stories of past experiences. They are the narrative of our being. Never Forever, features the work of Gina M. Contreras and Karen Thomas, two artists engaged in the complexities of human experience.

Gina M. Contreras draws on past encounters and connections to reflect on the pleasure of a relationship and the presence of a “relationshit.” With humor and a sometimes fragile heart, her gouache paintings are meditations on the search for oneself and one another.

Karen Thomas uses photographs from her family’s archive to create gouache paintings into a surrealistic approach to memory and storytelling. With every year that goes by another long term memory fades into obscurity. Deep within the mind exist infinite worlds to explore and document; by using photographs as a jumping off point this allows the artist to share these escapades. By reforming her photographs from a time forgot, Thomas creates a new narrative in the present. Thomas’ work infuses imagery of candy colored dogs, luscious floral and patterns and references to classical painting to create a new world meant to illustrate the artist’s personal psyche and relationship to memory.