The Postcolonial Contemporary

The Postcolonial Contemporary

An Exhibition at Incline Gallery, Curated by John Zarobell

 AG_From the Cape to Cairo - Civilization.jpeg

Andrew Gilbert, From the Cape to Cairo-Civilization, 2015 © the artist. Courtesy of SPERLING, Munich

766 Valencia Street
San Francisco, CA 94110
June 10-July 10, 2016
Opening: June 10, 6-9 pm


Colonial displacement has often been made invisible by countless historical changes that have occurred, but artists continue to disinter meaning from the colonial encounter and the long shadow it casts across the landscape. This exhibition will explore various manifestations of the postcolonial in contemporary art, beginning here where Native Californians are exploring issues of their historical displacement and subjugation but extending this problematic to distant shores to critique and lay bare the legacies that colonialism has had and continues to exercise around the world.

In truth, we are all implicated in the postcolonial dynamic because most places on earth have been colonized at least once and therefore our subjectivities have been formulated though a postcolonial lens, whether we realize it or not. The very ground we stand upon is the result of contestation, both of meaning and the will-to-power. So we are all postcolonial now. The only question is whether we are willing to see, and to acknowledge it.

Artists are essential to opening the space for recognition of these realities through works that challenge tacit assumptions, stereotypes, as well as cultural and territorial claims. As a group, the artists in this exhibition have all, in their own ways, transformed recognition of the colonial past into an essential condition for the appreciation of their works of art.

The exhibition will feature works that explore the colonial dynamic on various continents in a variety of media. Participating artists will include Enrique Chagoya, Lewis deSoto, Katie Dorame, L. Frank, Christopher Giamo, Andrew Gilbert, Geri Montano and Frohawk Two Feathers.