Incline Gallery 766 Valencia St. San Francisco, CA, 94110

METHOD October 9th to November 13th, 2015

Opening Reception: Friday, October 9th, 6 – 9pm.

Press Viewing: Friday, October 9th, 5 – 6pm.

Out of Hands Onto Walls (OHOW) and Incline Gallery invite you to join us on a visual journey of artistic methodology.METHOD brings you the works of Matt Fisher and Mikey Kelly, two artists whose artistic processes greatly inform the aesthetics of their creations. METHOD explores these processes in order to gain an understanding of their disciplines and techniques, and to strengthen and enhance the viewer’s experience of their conceptions.


Out of Hands Onto Walls is an art collective founded on the intention of cultivating spaces to sustain and support the artist community in the San Francisco Bay and beyond. As independent curators they make use of alternative and transitory spaces that meet the goals of their shows. Each event produced is thoughtfully curated to reflect a specific theme through content, space, and audience.


Matt Fisher’s work explores specific philosophical proposals relating to identity, perception, and structure. A pragmatist and opportunist when seeing forms, formats, materials and processes, Fisher aims more toward performing interpretive procedures than at traditional picture or object-making.


The basis for Mikey Kelly’s artwork is the most minimal of units, the line. By joining these units together they become cells, fabrics, networks and ultimately a construction. He is drawn to tensions, both singular and complex, and believes architecture is a means to finding a balance between those tensions, and settling on a resolute or fundamental note.


Incline Gallery is thrilled to have OHOW as our first collaborators on our AltExposure grant project called meanwhile, aseries of exhibitions in which Incline Gallery opens its doors to nomadic and displaced curators and collectives. The goal being to provide an outlet and support system for groups who occupy no permanent physical space, and to encourage collaboration within the Bay Area arts community.
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*Photo courtesy of Mikey Kelly and Chandra Cerrito Contemporary

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