Art Auction to Benefit Artists # 2

                                     “Hulkster” by Michelle Guintu

Reception Date

Thursday, February 19, 2015 5-9pm 

Exhibit Open

February 19, 2015 

All proceeds from this silent auction (the 2nd of its kind) will go directly to the artist who sell work. The event is envisioned as a “thank you” for the many times artists donate work for a political or social cause, yet receive nothing in return from those sales of their work.
Organized by Peter Kirkeby, Andres Guerrero, & Matt Gonzalez, the one day show will feature some of the best artist working in the Bay Area.

Exhibiting Artists:

Aaron De La Cruz

Adam Feibelman

Adrienne Heloise

Alan Gonzalez

Alicia Escott

Amy Rathbone

Amy Vaszquez

Andres Guerrero

Aung Aung Taik

Ben Venom

Brad Bernhardt

Casey Gray

Christa Assad

Christo Oropeza

Dana Smith

David Steele

Debra Walker

Dennis Parlante

Enrique Chagoya

Ezra Eismont

Felix Macnee

Francesco Igory Deiana

Gianluca Franzese

Gustavo Ramos Rivera

Harley Lafarrah Eaves

Hilary Pecis

Ian Johnson

Jacqueline Norheim

James Cordas

Jean Oppermann

Jeff Petersen

Jenny Sharaf

John Held

Jud Bergeron

Justin Hager

Kara Maria

Kathryn Kain

Kelly Ording

Kevin Earl Taylor

Kim Frohsin

Kristine Reano

Kyle Ranson

Lena Wolff

Mario Ayala

Martin Machado

Matt Bernstein

Megan Gorham

Michelle Guintu

Miguel Arzabe

Nicolas Torres

Pablo De Pinho

Patrick Martinez

Paul Gibson

Paz de la Calzada

Pete Doolittle

Peter Kirkeby

Ryan De La Hoz

Ryan Zweng

Rye Purvis

Sahar Khoury

Sarah Smith

Sean Newport

Serena Cole

Terry Powers

Tom Schultz

Walter Logue

William Emmert

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