Exhibit Open: September 11 2014 – September 14, 2014

Opening Reception: September 11, 2014 5pm – 8pm

Incline Gallery and ArtReach Studios is proud to present Fantopia, an exhibition exploring the imagined realities and constructed environments of over 30 local artists from ArtReach Studios.

ArtReach is a subset of The Arc San Francisco which provides resources for adults with developmental and intellectual disabilities, in order to encourage students’ self-expression through visual, literary, and performative arts.

From carefully crafted creatures to rainbow-colored raindrops, “Fantopia” acts as a portal to alternate atmospheres and dimensions. Deborah Rosales, an exhibiting artist, describes it as “different dreams coming together.”

Exhibiting Artists:

Nikki Brown, Howard Harrison, Cindy Lam, Thomas Perez, Sabine Altieri, Claire Bala, Sandy Avelar, Jay S. Belk, Michael Broadhurst, Judith Carr, Nancy Chisholm, Eric Crowell, Adam Daly, Sean Dempsey, Robert Garcia, Barbara Hales, Shain Hartzer, Tyrone Johnson, Patricia Konoski,Rosinni Lusoc, Robert Margolis,Cristine Martinez, Pam Mayrand, Javier Morales, Lisa O’Neal, Fitu (Toa) Petaia, Ileana Ramirez, Patricia Rogers, Deborah Rosales, Yukari Sakura, Paul Shaefer, Kamyar Tabarroj, Xavier Thompson, Diana Tonge, Karim Tulloch, Anna Gabriela Vasquez, Ines Villalobos, Jennifer Villatore, Beth Zmerlicker

Curated by Sarah Fateen

For more information on ArtReach Studios and how to get involved with The Arc of San Francisco, please visit:

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