Mythological Bird

Exhibit Open: August 7, 2014 – September 7, 2014

Opening Reception: August 7, 2014  6pm – 9pm

Mythological Bird, a multi-medium exhibition explores the afterlife of extinct birds through recycled paper dresses and digital projection mapping.

Incline Gallery presents Mythological Bird, featuring work by Bay Area Artists, Robin David and Jeffrey Yip. Inspired by extinct birds, Mythological Bird transports the viewer into an alternate realm where the spirit of the bird world and the real world collide, transforming the gallery into a mythological place.

By combining David’s paper wearable dresses and paper environmental installations with Yip’s digital projection mapping, the show pays homage to extinct birds. Each mythological bird dress will be displayed within an elaborate paper installation environment representing their past lives, while some will tell stories of how they came to extinction. Created from recycled paper, wire, cardboard and digital projected motion graphics, Mythological Bird recreates a bird afterlife based on the jungle, swamps and deserts they once occupied. Building off of a species that was once real and alive, David and Yip hope to embody the birds’ spirit by connecting the materials of the present to the histories they once lived in the past.

David and Yip aspire to share a different approach to the gallery experience by immersing viewers within the art rather than observing the art from a distance. David focusing on environmental paper installation and Yip’s projection mapping work enables the viewer and the art to communicate.

Exhibiting Artists:

Robin David

Jeffrey Yip

About Robin David: This Bay Area native is a recent graduate from San Francisco State University’s Bachelor of Arts program, with an emphasis in Studio Art in 2013. In 2010, as an Artist in Residence at the Luggage Gallery, David held her last duo exhibition with Angela Angel entitled World-Wide Hustle[rs], A Homage to the Hustle. From her paper dress wearable collection to her metropolis cardboard cityscape, David is known as an artist that works with recycled materials with an emphasis on environmental installation work.

About Jeffrey Yip: Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, Yip is a new media artist who works primarily in video and various mediums to showcase his creations. Yip graduated in 2014 with a Bachelor of Arts at San Francisco State University with a dual emphasis in Conceptual Information Arts and Sculpture. He has shown his work at events such as The Animation Open House and The Greatest Hits Festival. His work has also been shown on BETV public television since 2012.

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