Stop Being Poor

Stop Being Poor (The Art Show)

Opening Reception: June 6, 2014 6pm – 10pm

Performances: 7pm

Exhibit runs: June 6, 2014 – June 8, 2014

STOP BEING POOR (The Art Show) is inspired by the sentiment that many politicians and media correspondents have reverberated: “If you’re poor, stop being poor.” In an effort to regain our cultural wealth, we’ve organized a group of talented local artists to bring you this showcase of art, installations, and performances. With skyrocketing rents and massive neighborhood takeovers, our home, the Bay Area, has become a difficult place in which to live. We invite everyone to come see, but also, purchase art. Can you help us? We need to stop being poor.

Performances by:
San Cha
Rheal ‘Tea
As The World Getts Turnt: Wedding Singer Edition

Exhibiting Artists:
Taylor McElroy
Alexandra Barao
Daniel Toribio
Ammo Eisu
Vain Hein
Tyler Holmes
Diego Fuqing Gómez
Benae Esquibel
Yesi Castro
Sloane Kanter
Jon Gourley
Abel Morfin
Gina M. Contreras
Karen Thomas
Brynda Glazier
Jessica Amaya
Manuel Rodrigues
Cabure A Bonugli
Aaron Isaac Joshua

Cle Torres
Nicholas Terry

Antonio De Lucci
Elena Gurulé
Julz Hale Mary
Craig Calderwood

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