3 Year Anniversary

3 year Anniversary

The 3 Year Anniversary Show is hosting both the Holiday Sale and our Intern Show Fall 3013.
Opening December 19th 6-9pm.
December 19th – January 5th.

Intern Artist; Fall 3013:

Sarah Fateen
Jonney Popovich
Donna Soutar
Matt O’Hara
Sho Tsai

Holiday Sale Artist 2013:

Paul Mullins
Sholeh Asgary
Samuel Levi Jones
Walter Logue
Matt Gonzalez
Wythe Bowart
Ray Ortiz
Elliott Nathan
Adrian Delgado
Ozi Magaña
Michael Pickard
Claire Pasquier
Eli Lippert
Chris Lippert
Max Marttila
Carlos Rodriguez
Evan Holm
Amos Goldbaum
Mitsu Okubo
Laurel Shear
Christian Davies
Donna Soutar
Jonathan Popovich
Sarah Fateen
Sho Tsai
Philip Gann
David Valentin
Lilla Cory Warren
Lucy Henderson
Melissa Miller
Cayla Harris
Sara Knight
Isaiah Leyva
Margeaux Bucher
Azucena Hernandez


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